Thursday, May 28, 2009

Youth Center

When I was in Kansas I was able to finally see the youth center where Jake and Megan spend a lot of their time and effort.
The board members and kids threw a graduation party for Jake and Megan the day they graduated.

It was very nice.
Jake is the director of Ogden Youth Center. He and Megan have been there for a couple of years now and they have really put a lot of their hearts into the place. I was very impressed.
(Brian was also on staff this past school year.)
Here are some pics of the center. The building has housed many different businesses and just prior to the Youth Center it was a rifle range... lots of grey and cement.
But, Megan and Jake added lots of color!
There is a reading room,
Computer center,
arts and crafts tables (where the party guests are at) And more places for the kids to unwind and stay off the streets, out of trouble and most importantly encouraged and motivated.

Here are some of the kids with Megan and Jacob. SADLY, the center has recently lost nearly every single penny of funding just this week. Jake is struggling to find some funding to keep the center open through the summer. It doesn't look as if even that will happen.
Today is Jacob's birthday and I think the best present you could give him would be to offer your prayers for their future, that of Ogden Youth Center and the youth of Ogden.
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Friends (and Family)

I took my camera everywhere I went, but unfortunately forgot to use it quite often. Here are a few of the amazing people I got to see though.
I got together with some of my church friends at Abuelos. Here is that group:

(Karen, Kassie, Me, Carole and Anita)
Of course I stayed with Paula (one of my closest friends) and her family.
Here is a picture of her and I:

I had a Chai and a walk with one of my most thoughtful friends, Kristin.

I had dinner with Katie's best friend, Caitlin and her mom, my good friend, Aimee.

And then we stopped in Nashville on the way home so I could spend some time with my friend and Aunt Anna.


Just another quick update. I have really been wanting to get the kids' graduation pics posted here. Jake and Megan both recieved their Associates Degree on Saturday, May 9th!
What a wonderful accomplishment! Sadly, Kevin or Katie were not able to go.
Megan's parents and grandparents and myself and my parents were all there for the event as well as several friends. Afterward we went to one of Jake's favorite restaurants- Famous Daves. And then there was a small party for them at the Youth Center where they both work.
(I'll post those pics in another post!)

Jim the Wonder Dog!

Has it really been almost one month since I have blogged here? It's really been a busy time I guess.
I was in Kansas for one week of this last month and I had a wonderful trip. Unfortunately I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to see, but I did manage to squeeze in a lot of visiting! I drove the many many miles across country. Luckily I had a local friend and driving buddy who also wanted to travel to see family in Kansas this summer, so we took the venture together. Cathy was a great travel partner and we stayed awake and busy throughout the trip with travel bingo, trivia and other games she brought along.

Our first stop was in Marshall, Missouri home to Jim the Wonder Dog and most importantly the home to my sweet friend Lori! Lori showed us her lovely little town which included this adorable little park which was dedicated to what sounds like an amazing dog. You can read more about him at this site should you have the time. He really does sound like a wonder dog! It was Cinco de Mayo so of course we had a great Mexican lunch.

My visit with Lori was way too short, but she was a wonderful hostess and I hope I get back to see her again soon!

I'll try and post more of the trip and the graduation soon!
{baby steps...}