Friday, February 12, 2010

It's SNOWING in South Carolina!

It started snowing lightly at about 3:30. It picked up a little while later. Katie took Paige out and this is a cute picture of her catching a snowflake with her tongue!
We've got a couple of inches already and are expecting between 3-5 inches.
Here is Katie's snowman!
This last picture was right before it got dark outside. We've gotten more snow since then.

I hope it's better tomorrow.
I need a haircut and I need to go shopping for clothes for my new job!!!

HaPpY BIrtHdAY, BRiAn!

Brian is 22 YEARS young today!
Happy Birthday, Brian!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Feel Spoiled

Katie totally spoiled me yesterday.
She finally got some money she was expecting and we went shopping.
Guess what she bought me?
A new purse....


an I-Pod TOUCH!

We got the case on clearance at Staples a while back for $1. I knew someday I'd want one and the butterfly case was cute. :-) It doesn't fit it perfectly, but it works.
Katie loaded some music on it for me and I played with it quite a bit last night downloading a few free Aps.
Can't wait to get some more cool tunes and family pictures downloaded on it.
Thank you, Katie!


These are the silly pictures from Christmas time!
We do have F-U-N!!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

LOTS of Holiday Photos! (Finally)

We had a WONDERFUL time when the kids were here for Christmas.
Brian was the first to arrive. Katie had taken a flight to Wichita to ride back with him in his car. They drove straight through. Jake and Megan and sweet Trixie were not far behind, but they got stuck in traffic from an accident up ahead of them so they ended up spending the night in Tennessee. We had a wonderful Christmas and fabulous quality time. There was food and fun and GAMES, games, games! We played our new Christmas games of Life Twists and Turns, Farkle, Dicecapades, Funglish and Quelf (a very crazy game!).
Jake and Megan headed home and then Brian's fiancee, Alli arrived the next day and we had a little mini Christmas with her. We also welcomed in the new year with them.
It was all over so quickly and I was back to missing the kids and counting the days until I see them again.
I haven't taken the time to put my memory card in the computer and download the photos until now. And I got an external hard drive for Christmas so some of them were already on it and not on my card. But, I think there is enough of a variety on my card to show on my blog.
Here are some of the highlights! (I am saving the silly pics for another post.)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Just checking in so you know I haven't fell off the face of the earth.
I am sorry I haven't even posted my Christmas pictures. I will try to do that this week.
I can hardly believe it is February!
What have I been doing?
~I've been making to-do lists like crazy. But there just aren't enough hours in the day!
~I've been going to TOPS and working out.... I am about 5 pounds from goal. But 10 pounds from where I really want to be.
~I've been going to a new Beth Moore Bible study on the book of Revelations!
~I've been stamping a bit. I've made journals for all of my TOPS friends. I will be posting those on my stamping blog. I love how they are turning out and I love making them so I am going to start selling them. Email me if you'd like one. They are personalized!
(I got a Cuttlebug alphabet for Christmas! One of my favorite presents!)
~I've been a bit addicted to Etsy. I really would love to set up my own Etsy, but that will have to be a future endeavor. Too much on our plates right now. I ordered a stamp for the wedding invitations from Etsy. It should arrive today!
~I've been designing the wedding invitations for Brian and Alli. And I've ordered nearly all of the supplies. I still need the background paper and some adhesive and I'll be all set to make 275 of them!
~I've been babysitting, but infrequently so I am also looking for a job.
~I went to an unemployment agency. Got a background check. I've filled out the paperwork and I'm going to drop that off today!
~I took some things to the thrift shop on base. That is going to be on my weekly to-do list! I can take up to 20 items a week and only 5 of those can be clothing. They take 30% and I keep 70% of the sale. I am hoping this could be equal to a part time job!
~I've been babying my feet a bit. According to the doctor, I have Planter Fasciitis. All I know is that my feet HURT!
That's my life. I hope to blog again soon!
Leave me a comment if you've actually read this!