Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful for my friends!

God has blessed me with wonderful friends at every stage of my life.
There are several I so wish I had not lost touch with.
I have not met any friends here in South Carolina yet. But I have friends in so many states, it's unbelievable. I'd list my friends that I am thankful for, but I am sure I'd forget a name. So, if you are reading this.... I am thankful for YOU!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Peggy Wanted Me To

One of those email things. Doin it for Peg. :-)

Hit forward and place an X by all the things you've done and remove the X from the ones you have not. Answer the 30 questions at the end and send it to your friends (including me). This is for your entire life!
( ) Gone on a blind date
(x) Skipped school
( ) Watched someone die
( x) Been to Canada
( x) Been to Mexico
(x) Been to Florida
(X) Flown on a plane
(X) Been lost
(x ) Been on the opposite side of the country
(X) Gone to Washington, DC
(X) Swam in the ocean
(X) Cried yourself to sleep
(X ) Played cops and robbers
( x ) Recently colored with crayons
( x ) Sang Karaoke
( ) Paid for a meal with coins only?
(X) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?
(x ) Made prank phone calls
( x) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose
(x) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
( x) Danced in the rain
(x ) Written a letter to Santa Claus
(x ) Been kissed under the mistletoe
( x) Watched the sunrise with someone you care about
(X) Blown bubbles
( x ) Gone ice-skating
( x) Been skinny dipping outdoors
(X) Gone to the movies

1. Any nick name? Butterfly
2. Mother's name? Wanda
3. Favorite drink? Unsweet Iced Tea
4. Tattoos? One- butterfly
5. Body piercings? ears
6. How much do you love your job? No job right now
7. Favorite vacation spot? I would love to go to Vegas or Hawaii with Hubby
8. Dream vehicle? Saturn Hybrid Vue
9. Ever been to Africa? nope
10. Ever eaten cookies for dinner? Probably
11. Been on TV? Yes
12. Ever steal a traffic sign? no
13. Ever been in a car accident? one
14. Drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4-door
15. Favorite salad dressing? Raspberry Viniagrette
16. Favorite Pie? Apple
17. Bedtime attire? Soft PJs
18. Favorite movie? No real fave
19. Favorite holiday? Christmas
20. Favorite dessert?
21. Favorite food? Bread
22. Favorite day of the week? Sunday
23. Favorite brand of body wash? Anything Vanilla from B&BW
24. Favorite smell? Vanilla or Cinnamon
25. Favorite toothpaste? Colgate
26. What do you do to relax? watch tv, Stamp
27. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Being a grandma to a nine yr old and ??
28. How many siblings do you have? 2 bros

Tackle it Tuesday

Today I started cleaning and just couldn't stop! My intention was to clean my kitchen, but ended up sweeping and mopping all of the floors. They needed it pretty bad. Here are my before Kitchen pics.

And After

The counter tops and my Cookbook Book case had become catch-alls for papers. And there was a box of papers I needed to sort through. I wish I could tell you I had done that. But instead I moved them into the spare bedroom for another day. I just got caught up in the rest of the cleaning and ran out of time today.

I used the CLR cleaner I received free in the mail from "5 Minutes for Mom". That stuff works very well!

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Hubby & Me

Kevin and I went to a military function on Saturday and Katie took our pics. Since I don't think I have shared many pics with you since my horrible haircut, I thought I would share these. My hair is growing out faster than I thought it would. Oh, but there is a lot of grey.
Dress code was "Smart Casual" so we didn't have to get too dressy, thank goodness.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lovin' the birds!

Have I mentioned how enraptured I am by the birds here in South Carolina? I have spent countless hours watching them and photographing them.
Today was a great bird day. After quite a lot of rain the last day or two, the birds are all out and about.

Kevin was looking over the propane tank out back and found a nest complete with egg. I have a feeling it belongs to a couple of Carolina Wrens who've been quite active in that vicinity today.
I followed this little crooner and took a few pics of him singing his heart out going in and out of a thicket of branches out back.

It's funny how the bird books will describe their activity down to the details including how they pick mailboxes, coat pockets and weird places to nest. A propane tank, perhaps?
As I was following the birds around the back yard, Kevin went and got the mail. How perfect was it that this sweet little baby bib arrived in my mailbox?

Yes, I'm a bawl baby and burst into tears as soon as I saw it! My friend Shelley is so incredibly thoughtful and I miss her SO much. And the timing on this little gift could not have been better! I just love it!!
I just had to share! Have a delightful weekend!

Joke for Zach

Why didn't the monster want to eat the clown?

He tasted funny.
Happy Saturday!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Sometimes He Calms the Storm"

I bought this Scott Krippayne CD for a friend several years ago. She had terminal cancer and the words were so comforting to her.
I cherish them now.
Maybe you could use them too?

Thankful Thursday

Yes, yes, yes,
Kevin and I are going to be grandparents this coming summer!!!

And I am SO thankful for God's blessings of children!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
Today's Tackle was my bathrooms!
I got this bottle of CLR in the mail from "5 Minutes for Mom" so I could participate in their CLR Edition of Tackle it Tuesday. If nothing else, it was a free bottle of cleaner, right? I used it on my bathtubs with near success. I say near because my tub has a mean water stain on the bottom and I have worked at it before with not much success. The CLR got rid of quite a bit. And my favorite part of the CLR was how easy it was to just wipe off the grime from the rounded sides of the tub. I usually have to scrub there. Because of my back I don't clean tubs very often! CLR made cleaning easy.
I had already read Peggy's Tackle so knew to wear gloves. And I sure am glad I did. I did all of the cleaning with my right hand and that right glove was horribly stained compared to the left! I'd say it would be pretty hard on your skin!
The smell of this cleaner is different than any other I've experienced. I like it!
Here are my before and after bathroom pics.

Katie's bathroom

AFTER Couldn't get a good light....argh.

Our Bathroom

Our Tub

Our vanity area

Still waiting for Kevin to hang my pretties, but he did get the curtains hung.
Oh, and I'd definitely recommend CLR!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Menu Monday

Beef Fajitas
Spanish Rice

Russian Rice
(link to the recipe on an old blog)

Mexican Beefy Rice

Chili Dogs

Potato Soup

Teriyaki Chicken
Teriyaki Rice

Grilled Steak
Tossed Salad

Hopefully the weather holds up so we can grill. Of course, I'll be having a low carb alternative. :-)
I've got lots going on for the next few weeks at my stamping blog, but I'll try not to be too scarce!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mary Kay, Anyone?

Hello friends!
If you use Mary Kay products and are in need of some, this post is for you!

I am in need of Mary should see my face. I've been without some of my staple Mary Kay products and it isn't pretty!

Lucky for me, my sweet daughter-in-law is a Mary Kay representative.
(It's one of their sources of income so I'm not asking for a discount.)
I've decided to have an online party.
This is so easy to do!
IF you want any Mary Kay products just log on to Megan's website:
All orders from her site this weekend (October 18-19) will qualify for my party.
You don't have to step outside your door.
And if you do order, I have a special gift to send you!
Simply email me at:
and let me know you ordered. Send me your mailing address in case I don't have it.
Easy Peasy.
Please do NOT feel obligated. I just wanted to share.

Jokes for Zach! (Transportation)

Why won't bikes stand up by themselves?

They are two tired. (too tired)

What do you call a song about a car?

A cartoon (car tune).

Happy Weekend Everybody!

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Husband Rocks!

We met on July 29, 1985 (we don't necessarily agree on that date).
Over 23 years later, I love him more and more each day.
He's a man's man.

Ruggedly Handsome. But he can be so soft and sweet too.
I have never doubted his love for me.
He is my rock and

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I have SO much to be thankful for that it is hard to narrow it down to one thing. But yesterday we signed the final paperwork for the sale of our house and I KNOW without a doubt that we could not have done it without God's help! Yes, it cost us some money to sell it (a lot.) But, our wonderful realtor took a much smaller percentage than she had to. After the inspection, the buyers asked for only a few repairs. Despite all of the rain, we had a fence built in a matter of a few days. It all happened very quickly and went pretty smoothly.
We had wonderful friends there in Georgia who looked out for us and checked on the house.
We had a safe trip to Georgia and back too. It was a LONG day in the car (over 10 hours).
But I am thankful that

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Menu Monday! (On Tuesday)


Time for a plan!

Grilled Chicken
Seasoned Vegetables

Pigs in a Blanket
Mac n Cheese


Potatoes, Carrots & Onions
Turkey Breast Fillets
(I have a package of fillets and I am looking for a recipe! Do you have one?)

Grilled Sausage
Four Cheese Italian Pasta

Chicken Fajitas
Mexican Rice
Refried Beans


Monday, October 13, 2008

A Visit to Swan Lake

Swan Lake is a beautiful park right in the heart of Sumter.
(Click on the name for more info!) We went once before when we first arrived here. Katie has been asking to go again ever since. So, yesterday after church we decided it was a beautiful day for a stroll with the geese, ducks and swans! We came home and picked up an old package of hamburger buns, then went to the park. We spent a couple of hours there although it didn't seem that long!

I never did get a good picture of him, but this Anhinga was fascinating to watch. While Kevin was feeding the ducks and geese in the water, the fish were gathering as well. The Anhinga took the opportunity to go fishing. He swam mostly submerged towards the fish, and then speared one, tossed it up in the air and swallowed him.

Another favorite was the Wood Duck. They look as if they're painted so perfectly. I wonder what God was thinking when he made this one so different from the others!

We were surrounded with geese as soon as we walked in the park with our bag of buns. I quickly handed off the buns to Kevin. Check out this swan. He's so tall! And not afraid to beg for a piece if bread.
They followed us for a bit.

Here are some of the pics from our outing!

Kevin's home for the day, so my menu will have to wait for tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by!