Thursday, May 28, 2009

Youth Center

When I was in Kansas I was able to finally see the youth center where Jake and Megan spend a lot of their time and effort.
The board members and kids threw a graduation party for Jake and Megan the day they graduated.

It was very nice.
Jake is the director of Ogden Youth Center. He and Megan have been there for a couple of years now and they have really put a lot of their hearts into the place. I was very impressed.
(Brian was also on staff this past school year.)
Here are some pics of the center. The building has housed many different businesses and just prior to the Youth Center it was a rifle range... lots of grey and cement.
But, Megan and Jake added lots of color!
There is a reading room,
Computer center,
arts and crafts tables (where the party guests are at) And more places for the kids to unwind and stay off the streets, out of trouble and most importantly encouraged and motivated.

Here are some of the kids with Megan and Jacob. SADLY, the center has recently lost nearly every single penny of funding just this week. Jake is struggling to find some funding to keep the center open through the summer. It doesn't look as if even that will happen.
Today is Jacob's birthday and I think the best present you could give him would be to offer your prayers for their future, that of Ogden Youth Center and the youth of Ogden.
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