Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Chickadee and the Tissue

Sounds like a good story title, huh?
Kevin bought me a cute little birdhouse for Christmas.
He hung it up for me shortly after.
Recently, we've been watching a pair of Chickadees go in and out.
They are the cutest little birds.
Kevin thought he'd do the little guys a favor by placing some tissues inside for their nest.
The next morning when we woke up there was a tissue hanging from one of the tree branches. Then I noticed the Chickadees working very hard at something. It soon became apparent that they were trying to get another tissue out. They would go inside and bring enough of the tissue to the hole so they could pull and pull to get it out. Kevin let them get it so far and then he went out and pulled it the rest of the way. He then threw the tissues away.

But, now we think just maybe the Chickadee wanted the tissue- just not inside the birdhouse. They still haven't started nesting inside.
On another note... does anyone have any ideas on how to hang my suet feeders so that the raccoon doesn't get it and eat the entire thing? I have to find the suet cage first I guess. He actually ran off with it this time. We had it hanging from a small outside branch where we didn't think he could get to it without breaking the branch. I haven't surveyed the actual damage. This is the 4th suet he has ate.... dirty little rascal.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Enjoying a Beautiful Day!

I have seriously been neglecting this blog.
I don't really have a good excuse except
Everyone knows how that goes.
We are all doing good. Brian is recovering well from his accident. He and Jared are both okay and we have a lot of reasons to be grateful.
And we are!
(BTW.. The insurance company is being very cooperative now.)
Let's see... what's been going on?
Last night we counted at least 8 deer in our backyard. We also saw a pretty good sized grey fox. Every morning recently our bird feeders have been pretty beat up and/or laying on the ground. Kevin finally saw the culprit- it was a raccoon. Yesterday it rained all day. But today it's beautiful outside. A little on the windy side, but it was a great day for a walk. After church, Kevin and I strolled through the neighborhood. Sadly, my camera died after just these few pictures.
We live off Kings Highway near Stateburg, South Carolina. There is a lot of history right here in our area. We've wanted to read these signs that are near the entrance to our little neighborhood and today we finally got the chance. I've got some more pictures and things to share. But, I better not do it all in one day!
Hope you're having a beautiful weekend wherever you are and whatever you're doing!
God Bless!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

An Eventful Day!

I picked up our younger son Brian and his best friend from the airport in Charlotte, NC on Tuesday! He was here to see us and pick up the Jeep we found him. He was really liking the Jeep!

(Before pic)
He left this morning and was on his way back to KS to college. Only 2 1/2 hours into his trip, he was rear ended near Augusta, Georgia and his car was totalled! Kevin and I traveled the 2 1/2 hours to where they were waiting at a truck stop with all of their belongings. I was on the telephone the entire trip there trying to get things sorted out.
We helped him get a rental car and got them back on the road to Kansas.
We just got home.
Brian and his best friend both have big bumps on their heads and a few scratches but seem to be fine.
If someone had been in the back seat they would not have faired so well. There was no leg room left. If you are reading this, will you please pray that the rest of their trip is uneventful? And that things get sorted out okay!
We are having insurance issues already. The accident was not Brian's fault. He had to stop on the interstate for an accident in front of him that had just happened when he was rear ended. Brian kept his wits about him and even turned the wheel as he was catapulted several yards so he flew onto the shoulder instead of rear ending the person in front of him. It was a hard impact. Brian finally found his glasses in the back of the jeep after he realized they were not on his face several minutes later. The other driver who was at fault and driving a company truck is in the hospital and apparently told his employer that he was not at fault. Brian didn't exchange insurance info with him so we don't have any way to get assistance with the rental, etc. The only thing he knew was the name of the business by the sticker on the truck door. I have been in contact with the business. Hopefuly we'll get reimbursed the expenses, but the company (a construction company) is not being cooperative at all. We had only liability. The state police at the scene have stated that it is the fault of the driver of the truck who hit Brian. They were the only 2 parties involved.
It's going to be a bit of a headache. I have one already!
We stopped at the salvage yard where they towed it and took a few pics of the jeep.

The car was parked with the back end at the fence of the yard so it was difficult to get a good photo.
Kevin is very impressed with the way the Jeep was built. It could have been a lot worse I think.
Thank you, Lord for protecting my son and his friend.
God is good!!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Yesterday was TOPS day and I am happy to say I was one and one half pounds lighter on the TOPS scales! WooHoo!
Weighing In- MINUS 1.5 pounds!
I went to the doctor after the meeting and was a bit disappointed at the appointment. I don't know what I was expecting. But the doctor is running some tests to make sure my Thyroid is working correctly.
He mentioned the Alli product while I was there and I decided it was worth a shot. I bought it on my way home. I will start taking it on Monday! I'll let you know how it goes!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Feels like you're cheating!

I have just discovered a new snack. Well, new to me!
It's only 60 calories and sugar free and really tastes dreamy!
It's Sugar Free Jello Pudding Dulce de leche!
Try it and tell me what you think!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday is TOPS Day!

Thursday is my weekly TOPS meeting and I am going to try and post my weekly results after weighing in. After one week in TOPS, I weighed in at the same weight as last week. My group calls it a "Turtle".
I turtled!

Weighing in- No gain, No loss