Saturday, September 5, 2009


It's Saturday night. The Nationwide race is on TV. Kevin is trying to clean the carpets in Katie's car (for the 2nd time). And Katie is up in her room. And I've been sitting here looking at the pictures and videos Katie took at the concert last night.
Katie and I drove to Greenville, SC to see Taylor Swift yesterday. Katie had made all of the arrangements for us. She bought the concert tickets and booked us a really nice room at the Holiday Inn not far from the arena.

Katie has been a HUGE Taylor Swift fan since Taylor first came on the country music scene. I was excited for her to be able to actually go see her in person. And we had a great time. The opening acts were "Gloriana"


Kellie Pickler.

They were both pretty good too.
And then came Taylor. What a show! She sang all but 2 of the songs from her "Fearless" album and about 5 from her first CD.

She started out in her marching band uniform singing "You Belong with Me" and ended with "Should've Said No" with the rain coming down on her just like she did it at the awards show.
At one point she appeared in the audience and walked down to a small revolving platform and sang my favorite song of the new CD- "Hey Stephen".

Taylor was a great performer and she got emotional a couple of times. She seems to take it all in and not take the applause for granted. She is certainly not a spoiled Diva at this point in her career and I hope she keeps her charming down to earth personality.
Katie and I got up this morning and drove the little over 2 hours back home. Katie says it all feels like a dream.

But I know it's one mother/daughter time neither of us will soon forget.

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Peggy said...

How AWESOME! Wow, Taylor is really skinny! I love concerts. I am glad you had a great time:) You two look like sisters.