Monday, November 29, 2010

The Dogs

For the longest time I wanted a beagle just like Trixie which is Jake and Megan's dog. So we looked and we found a 3 year old beagle at the local shelter. She was a little bigger than Trixie, but seemed sweet. We brought her home and named her Ruby. She was fine at first, but got sick and she just continued to get sicker and sicker. We spent quite a bit of money at the vet's office trying to get her better, but ended up running out of money before we could get her well. We took her back to the shelter so she could get the care she needed. I felt so guilty and sometimes still do. We waited a little while and then I found a dog on Craig's List.

Her name is Paisley and we brought her home on August 17. She was around 4 months old at the time so we'll celebrate her birthday on St Patrick's Day next year. We got her from a rescue and she is a perfect fit for our family. She's pretty smart too. We've already taught her several tricks which she will perform in succession to get a treat. She is full of character and even has an adorable underbite. We aren't sure exactly what else she is besides beagle.
The above pictures were mostly taken right after we got her.
And then her adult teeth grew in....see the underbite?
The following pic was taken yesterday. Paisley and Trixie have become good friends!

I had to post this picture too!
Trixie LOVES the wood burning stove. She does not like being cold.
That's all for this post. I've got one more too!
Have a good day!!!

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