Thursday, August 2, 2018

T is for Tiger

Letter T storytime was Tuesday. We had a total of 19 in attendance which includes children and their caregivers. We have a new check-in process at our library- it's a kiosk where they can scan their library card. I tried to meet each child there with my Turtle puppet.
Next we went to the rug and sang. After our beginning song I introduced the letters T and U. Because I want to finish the alphabet before the end of summer I am doubling up (tripling the last week) on some letters.
Show and Tell was next where we had great participation. Among the items brought were unicorns, umbrellas, play toast, a teacup, a tomato, tiger and a truck. I am so proud of them when they get up and tell everyone what they brought!
On to Zoo Phonics where we went all the way through to U adding Timothy Tiger and Umber Umbrella Bird.
I read the first half of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr.
I made a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree a while back and it was time to pull it out and use it. I drew the tree freehand and cut it out and laminated it adding magnets to the back. I gave the kids every other letter. As we got to the letters in the book each child brought their letter up and placed it by the tree. A couple of kids were super shy and didn't want to come up to the board but I think most children enjoy this type of activity and I hope to do more of them.
Next we read Freight Train by Donald Crews- a storytime favorite. We made the choo choo train noises as we read it. I love interactive books because they keep the attention of the crowd!
I had a few other books on standby but since we were running short on time I skipped them. But for the letter U I highly recommend The Very Ugly Bug by Liz Pichon (for a slightly older crowd than what I have weekly).
A shorter book for U is Underground by Denise Fleming.
We moved on to fine motor work where we made a letter T tiger.
Next I passed out this printable from I Heart Crafty Things and some circle stickers with the alphabet written on them.
For the younger kids just adding the stickers was great fine motor work.
I printed out this printable from Totschooling and put them inside these dry erase pocket sleeves. This helped me avoid laminating 15 pages!
I should have done this activity first and read the letters off using the laminated alphabet cards that go along with the activity. But since I didn't and each child is at a different point by this time, I passed these out and told each child to say the alphabet erasing the letters as they went.
I totally forgot to give the kids Teddy Grahams that I got for them.
I sent the letter U Unicorn home for them to do along with worksheets for T and U.
Next week is V and W! and I am NOT ready! Better get to work......
Ms. Angel

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