Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

My honey got me some yellow roses. Aren't they beautiful?

And he knows I've been wanting a puppy so he got me one! A stuffed puppy...OH well! She's adorable though, don't you think? I named her Snowflake.
Have a LOVEly day!


Peggy said...

Very pretty!!! Yellow roses are my favorite!

Anonymous said...

The yellow roses are very pretty, and the new puppy quite adorable and the best kind of pet to have. Don't have to feed, walk, or clean up after them. Just give them a hug and you instantly feel better. every time you see her, you remember the day your true love give it to you, so your Valentines day goes on forever.

Hoping to see more on this site.
Love you all
Aunt Anna