Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've been struggling with my weight. I am at least 25 pounds heavier than I want to be. And I would be ever so happy if I lost 35 pounds and could get back into my skinny clothes! I really am doing everything right. I'm exercising, drinking lots of water, eating smaller portions, etc. It's just not coming off.
So, last week I decided what I really needed was motivation and support. I thought about Weight Watchers, but it's just too pricey for those meetings. Then I remembered something my aunt had done several years ago. It was a group called TOPS- Take Off Pounds Sensibly. According to their website: "Programs vary, but all serve to provide members with positive reinforcement and motivation in adhering to their food and exercise plans."
Membership dues are $26.00 annually. Within my budget! They meet weekly and encourage each other. And there are contests for motivation. I called the area captain right away after getting her number from the website. She called me back and told me about a few of the area groups.
This morning I visited one of the groups in my area. There were 5 ladies there and I was definitely younger than any of them by at least 10 years. But, they were SO sweet. Their meeting started in prayer. Knowing that I was planning to visit, 3 of the ladies had written out cards and gave them to me. I placed my membership in their group right away. I felt so comfortable there.
And I have a lot of motivation!
Here I go!


Megan said...

Good for you. You took the first step and that was the call and the meeting. I am in the same boat and I think what you are doing is's hard to do it on your own and that accountability sure helps. AND the group sounds like a perfect fit for you.

Peggy said...

YAY! Sounds pretty cool to me and very affordable!! I received my goodies, thank you SO much!! How encouraging. Seriously - sometimes I think food is more important and I was ready to eat eat eat and then I got your envelope of goodies. I have your goodies all ready. Want to see??

LeAnne said...

Good for you! I have always been a WW gal--didn't realized TOPS was a faith-based group! I know there is one in the same town as WW--I guess I should check them out!

jami {sgtStamper} said...

This sounds like a wonderful group and great fit! {hugs}