Friday, November 6, 2009


Just a short post to say hi to whoever may be checking into this blog to see how I am doing. I am doing good! I look forward to the first week of November as it is Kevin's and my birthday. I think we have been apart for as many birthdays as we have been together due to Kevin's assignments.
This year we are together.
Last Sunday was Kevin's birthday. We went to church and then came home and made queso and chips, hot wings and brownies. Doesn't sound like a perfect combination, but along with the Grolsch beer Kevin loves, it made him happy. We watched the race with him and it was a nice day.
Tomorrow is my birthday and although I am not counting the years anymore, it's still nice to have a day to call your own. My TOPS girls gave me cards and my friend Amy made these awesome cupcakes made with a spice cake mix and a can of pumpkin... that's all. Replace the eggs, oil and water with a can of pumpkin and they are SO yummy. They don't need frosting either. But adding a dollop of the canned whip topping just makes them yummier!I've gotten several cards this week and a few happy mail days.
I'm a Happy girl.
Tomorrow Kevin is taking me out for dinner. I have been SO good at my diet (until yesterday) and am only about 10 pounds from goal. But I do plan on eating whatever I want that comes into my line of vision. Tomorrow.
Oh, and I have a part time job offer.
Alls well.


Megan said...

So the seriously just use a can of pumpkin and the mix? what size can? Also do you then just follow the muffin recipe for time on how long to cook for? And do tell more about the job offer....

Peggy said...

I feel so bad for being so late with your bday:( I also got your vm after nap time yesterday about the punch. Did you get it? Because I didn't. Let me know!