Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Almost Christmas!

Time sure does fly this time of year. I need to post about it so I learn my lesson and not procrastinate to much next year. I'll never learn though.
I always have such grand plans and they never completely pan out!
I have made some crafts but not as many as I was going to.
I'll post those as soon as I finish givin' em away! :-)
Kevin and I went to the base Christmas party on Saturday. It was semi formal and for the first time ever it wasn't me buying something to wear- it was Kevin. He just didn't have anything "semi formal" to wear. So on Thursday when I was hosting my Bunco bunch, he and Katie went to find him something to wear. He looked so handsome on Saturday evening in his new duds.

I wore a blouse and skirt from 4 Christmas parties ago. But it was new to South Carolina so I didn't mind. We had fun. Another party this Friday night. But first I take Katie to the airport to get on a plane to Kansas so she can help Brian drive here. They'll be here on Monday and Jake and Megan should be here Wednesday. Then Alli flies in on the 29th.
I am SO excited that the kids are coming!! I can hardly wait!!!
I probably won't be back here until the new year so
Thanks for stopping by!

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