Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Just checking in so you know I haven't fell off the face of the earth.
I am sorry I haven't even posted my Christmas pictures. I will try to do that this week.
I can hardly believe it is February!
What have I been doing?
~I've been making to-do lists like crazy. But there just aren't enough hours in the day!
~I've been going to TOPS and working out.... I am about 5 pounds from goal. But 10 pounds from where I really want to be.
~I've been going to a new Beth Moore Bible study on the book of Revelations!
~I've been stamping a bit. I've made journals for all of my TOPS friends. I will be posting those on my stamping blog. I love how they are turning out and I love making them so I am going to start selling them. Email me if you'd like one. They are personalized!
(I got a Cuttlebug alphabet for Christmas! One of my favorite presents!)
~I've been a bit addicted to Etsy. I really would love to set up my own Etsy, but that will have to be a future endeavor. Too much on our plates right now. I ordered a stamp for the wedding invitations from Etsy. It should arrive today!
~I've been designing the wedding invitations for Brian and Alli. And I've ordered nearly all of the supplies. I still need the background paper and some adhesive and I'll be all set to make 275 of them!
~I've been babysitting, but infrequently so I am also looking for a job.
~I went to an unemployment agency. Got a background check. I've filled out the paperwork and I'm going to drop that off today!
~I took some things to the thrift shop on base. That is going to be on my weekly to-do list! I can take up to 20 items a week and only 5 of those can be clothing. They take 30% and I keep 70% of the sale. I am hoping this could be equal to a part time job!
~I've been babying my feet a bit. According to the doctor, I have Planter Fasciitis. All I know is that my feet HURT!
That's my life. I hope to blog again soon!
Leave me a comment if you've actually read this!


Peggy said...

Maybe I should join TOPS but I bet I don't have the time to go.
I have been wanting to journal. How much?? The thrift shop is a good idea!

Anonymous said...

Angel, I enjoy your ODB Angelosity! Thanks for this Blog.
You are insperation to all who create. I NEED to be in TOPS! For
Looks and Health. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hey lady. Wondering when you were going to update us. Love the pics. I would love a couple of journals. One for me and one for my niece. How much are they?
Grace is doing great. Sleeping in her pack and play right now.
I should look into the thrift store thing. Need to make some money since I am only working part time right now.
Take care.