Monday, May 17, 2010

The Graduation Trip (long post....)

I have not TRULY updated my blog for so long! I guess working full time and blogging just don't go together for me. I don't even know where to start.....LOL
The series of events that I have been both looking forward to and dreading at the same time have started to unfold. We really have only a little more than a month before we move from South Carolina to Oklahoma.
The beginning of the chain of events was Brian's graduation which was May 8. We had a very eventful trip back to Kansas to attend Brian's graduation. Katie's car broke down on the interstate just past Boonville, Missouri. We had it towed there. Thank God for the Roadside Assistance Plan which we have through our auto insurance. (I highly recommend AAA or a similiar plan- we have always gotten our money's worth out of those.)
We were delayed in Missouri for a couple of hours and almost missed the baby shower for Megan that Friday at the school Jake and Megan both work at as Paras. But we made it there right at the end. (I forgot to bring in my camera though.)
We went out to dinner with the kids. I love that I now have 5 kids and I love the days when we are all together!
Saturday was the graduation and I am so proud of Brian who graduated Cum Laude! After the graduation, we went to lunch at Old Chicago with some of Alli's family including her mom, Martha and aunt Carol and Uncle John. My parents were also there. (Jake and Megan went to Megan's brothers high school graduation which was the same day. (Congratulations, Ethan!)
That evening we played games at Alli's apartment and had a great time!
Sunday was Mother's Day and I feel so blessed to have spent the morning with my mom and all of the kids when we went out for breakfast. And the kids and Kevin and I ended the day with the hotel swimming pool all to ourselves!
Monday we headed to Salina for Katie to buy a car which Brian found on Craig's List.
We headed home after following Katie to Wichita where she got her tags. We left our Katie back in Kansas and now have an empty nest!. (Sad.)
One blessing which I should not forget to mention is the fact that we were supposed to travel to Oklahoma and have a look around. We were not able to do that as we had to go back up to Missouri to take care of the car there. We KNOW that our detour was perfectly planned by God as we would have been caught in the middle of tornadoes there in OK. Our friends there ARE safe, but really got a scare.
We are back home and today I start a list as the time is REALLY flying by. My last day of work was Friday and I spent the weekend resting as I caught an awful cold. I am thankful that I feel better today!
Here are a few pics of our trip to Kansas. I really wish I had taken more though!!!

I bet you didn't know that Brian had a twin! This is Kenny and Brian who constantly get mistaken for eachother!

Grandma & Grandpa Johnson with Brian. They haven't missed a graduation yet.

Alli and her graduate! We will go to MCC's graduation
next year to see Alli graduate!

Kevin and I are proud of Brian!

The 2010 graduating class of Manhattan Christian College!

Brian and his mom-ME.

After the graduation we celebrated over appetizers and pizza at Old Chicago. It was YUMMY!

Jake and Megan at Alli's apartment that evening.

Three Generations!

Breakfast at Hy-Vee for Mother's Day! Katie and Grandma Johnson!

Jake and Megan AND our grandbaby!

And Brian and Alli!
That's all for now......

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Karla said...

You won't have so far to drive next year for graduation! Yea!! Make sure you have a basement in OKC! Waayyy too much weather down there...