Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I never ever thought we would have a kitty again!

But here she is!

I bet you want to know how THAT happened!
Well, I have always been a city girl. Grew up in the city and never lived outside the city. Kevin and I got a taste of the country life out in South Carolina and LOVED the quiet seclusion and the scenery. We decided the country life was what we wanted!
BUT, nobody explained to me that the country life comes with bugs and mice and ALL KINDS of unwanted things! Now, I don't really think that would have stopped me from buying the cabin. But, I was still a little naive!
Back to the unwanted critters.....
When I moved in and started cleaning the cupboards I noticed a lot of mouse poison was set up. That was clue #1.
Then this last weekend while we were having a yard sale, the neighbor and I started talking. She was saying how the mice were brave and would take over your house when the weather starts getting cooler. And she told me that even though she herself is extremely allergic to cats, she was getting one. She asked if I wanted one. I talked to Kevin about it and we decided to get a cat.
She is an outside cat. She'll stay outside and keep the mice and bugs at bay.
Right now she is in the garage (stinking it up a bit- I will have to clean it).
Later today I am going to open the garage door and let her run around.
She is a very sweet little thing. She came from a farm down the road that had 5 litters of kittens! She is all skin and bones.... and long fur. She is always kneading her front little paws on the ground. And she loves attention.
And I can not for the life of me come up with a name that I LOVE.
Right now, I am thinking of maybe Calico and calling her Cally for short. That was a suggestion from Megan's mom and I like it, but Cally is so close to Alli (my new daughter-in-law).
Another name that was suggested to me is Sugar because she is so sweet. I like that one too.
And then I also thought of Button. But none of these names seem perfect to me.
I am taking suggestions or votes on the above mentioned names! Let me know what you think!!


Peggy said...

How sweet!! You know my parents live in the woods. They have a cat and he is great at finding (and killing) all sorts of creatures! The only thing is - since they have a pet door, he brings them in proudly to show off what he has done:) On a bright side - they do not have mice!

Miss you and ♥ you!

Anonymous said...

Hey. I was going to suggest Cally when you sent me the pic the other day. She looks like a Cally. That is my vote. All is well here, just raining a lot. Take care and miss you.

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Oh my Angel....it's been too long since I've stopped by...new home, new kitty, new puppy, new grandbaby.... you are truly blessed my friend. I hope your world is full of nothing but happiness!!! Big hugs!