Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is It REALLY September?????

I haven't blogged in so very long. I have thought
about it a few times, but so much has happened. I wonder WHERE on earth to start!
When last I posted we were in the hotel room.
After a lot of waiting and waiting, we were finally able to get a closing date. Let me just say that we were totally disappointed in USAA as our mortgage company. Our first representative there actually got fired in the process of our buying our home.
Katie and I took a whirlwind trip to Manhattan, Kansas the day before closing to see my sweet little grandson on his birth-day.
I wouldn't miss it even if I did miss a little sleep!!
I truly know the meaning of "makes my heart melt".
It's a feeling I get each and every time I hold him. I was such a young mom myself that I didn't treasure those feelings. I am now! And let me tell you so is his Grandpa Wilde who holds him EVERY chance he gets!
My lil punkin's full name is Gabrial Elijah Kevin Wilde and he is the most beautiful baby in the world!
The same day I arrived home from meeting my lil punkin, we closed on our log cabin which
has always been a dream of ours!
Our household goods arrived that same week and my patience was sorely tried as the movers unloaded and I began to unpack what was surely the worst packing/moving experience we have ever had! Thankfully it was probably the last!
We also went to the local animal shelter and brought home a 2 yr old beagle we named "Ruby".
She had to stay with a friend for a few days and when she got here she was very sick. I took her to the vet twice and spent over $300 which was money we barely had at the time. She continued to get sicker and sicker. I agonized over it, but it was apparent that Ruby needed to be in a hospital and we didn't have the money to pay for such treatment. We took her back to the shelter to get that care.
Shortly after that, we rented a truck and moved Katie to Manhattan to a little apartment of her own and brought said truck back home filled with Jake and Megan's things. They arrived a few days later with their beagle, Trixie and my lil punkin, Gabe and settled into the guest bedroom.
On the 17th of August I found a 5 month old puppy listed on Craig's List that needed to be
rescued. We went and looked at her and fell in love.
I named her Paisley. We took her and got her spayed as she already had an appointment. She has been with us for almost a month and is mostly confined to the kitchen as we are training her. She is doing pretty good. And she is pretty smart. She can sit, shake and lay down and we are trying to teach her to roll over now.
My sweet friend, Christy who is an awesome amateur photographer (soon to be professional) has taken some awesome pictures. One photo shoot was of Gabe on his one month birthday And the other this past weekend was of our little family when we were ALL here. These are just a few of those awesome pics!
I think that catches you up on the BIG picture. I'll try to be better at posting some of the awesome little things that are happening here in our little corner of Oklahoma!

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Peggy said...

I love log cabins too and yours is absolutely beautiful!! Aw, sorry to hear about Ruby. I was wondering why the change in dogs. Paisley looks so sweet. And I think I have told you how I just love Gabrial. I wish I could hold him. Your life is looking just perfectly right! I miss you. Still don't have a cell phone. :( Oh but I have your home # don't I. Did you get your post card?

Love ya!