Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Rug

I really like the house we are renting and hope to have more pictures to share soon. One thing we knew we wanted to get was an area rug to put in the living room. The laminate wood floors are nice, but a rug makes it look a lot more cozy. We've looked at Walmart and Lowes and places like that, but haven't seen anything in our price range that we liked. Kevin found a wholesale carpet store in the area and we went to see what they had today. I found a few that I liked. But, I settled on this 5'x8' leaf patterned rug as I think it will transition well when we get new furniture somewhere down the road.

Isn't it pretty? And it was very reasonable. Cheaper than anything we saw anywhere else and on top of that a military discount! Yeah!
Have a blessed day!


karla said...

Are those lips? Cause they kind of look like lips in the picture. I like the color. :) Ahhh, for non carpeted floors.....

Peggy said...

Very cute!! You like leaves:)