Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I really hate bugs. We live out in a rural area of South Carolina and even though we have a quarterly pest control service we see our share of bugs.
I've seen a few too many moving a little too fast in the last week so I am calling our bug guy after I finish this post. Their service is after all guaranteed.

I just now killed one of those ugly palmetto bugs that look like big roaches. And I had to share my creativity in picking it up. I hate picking up the dead bugs. It gives me the heebie jeebies. SO, I grabbed a small piece of scrap cardstock out of the trash, added some adhesive and placed it over the bug. He stuck to the paper and in the trash he went.
No heebie jeebies.


Anonymous said...

LOL... that was quick thinking.
;-) ~Lucy~

Becky said...

Well aren't you a genius?! My hubby's a bug man, so no bugs here! :)

cskidspraise said...

I remember your heebie jeebies with bugs. LOL. Love ya.