Thursday, November 6, 2008


I wish I could say this is a picture I took, but it isn't. I googled deer and found this photo. Isn't it cool though? We've lived here 3 months now and have fed the deer nearly since day 1. We've seen their tracks all throughout our back yard. But finally for the first time we actually saw the deer last night. It was completely dark outside so it wasn't a great view, but it was cool.
Kevin goes out on the back deck to smoke. He always hears things, so I bought a small mag light for him to shine down into the woods. Last night we heard movement in the woods and he flashed the light down that way. We saw several sets of eyes moving up toward the clearing. Then we saw a doe walk over to the salt lick. She was so graceful and if we didn't know she was there we would never have heard her.
I think we'll have more sightings with the weather turning cooler. I hope I can get some of my own pictures.
Have a blessed day!

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