Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend Recap

Kevin was off so he and I spent the day running around Sumter acquiring the necessary papers and receipts to get our license plates and driver's licenses. It literally took all day.
It seemed like a great night for trick or treating in South Carolina, but I guess they don't do that in our neighborhood. We had all of our lights on, but didn't get a single trick or treater! Sad but true. All of the candy is packaged up and will be on its way to Kansas to Jake, Megan and Brian. No picture since I want it to be a bit of a surprise.
November 1:
Saturday was Kevin's birthday and he had plans to surprise Katie and I. We took a road trip to Darlington which is about 45 minutes away. There we went to a
corn maze called "Caught in a Web".

We had a lot of fun.
Our oven is broken and we are waiting for them to install a new one. Sadly, that meant that Kevin didn't get a birthday cake. Instead we ordered from our favorite Italian place nearby and had a Hot Fudge Calzone for a birthday treat.
My momma's birthday. Sure wish we lived closer so I could celebrate her turning 70. I gave her a call...not the same.
We had a fairly relaxing day. Went to church.
Katie needed to go buy some goldfish for her Science Fair project so we did a run into town for that. She bought 2 goldfish at 38 cents each. Her and a friend are subjecting the fish to different types of music to see how that effects their growth and demeanor. Sadly, Rocky (who listened to Rock music) already passed. We'll have to run to WalMart again.
That's all for me. I'll try to be back with my Menu Monday.
Have a blessed week!

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Peggy said...

What a fun weekend!!! Happy Belated Birthday Kevin! Sorry we missed it - didn't call:(

Angel - your little Birthday something will be late. Sorry!