Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Empty House

It's just me and Paisley today.
It feels weird.
It is the opening of a new chapter for Kevin and I. It is the first time it's been just he and I alone in the cabin. I guess they call it "Empty Nest".
Jake, Megan and Gabe are all settled in the parsonage that came with his new position at Wellston Christian Church. They are only a half hour away though so I can get my grand baby fix a few times a week if needed.
Katie went back to school yesterday. She'll be back in May. We're planning on renting a truck to help her move here and move Brian and Alli at the same time. Brian will be taking a position at our home church in Wichita. It will be nice to have them only a couple of hours away as well.
My plans for the next couple months are to
~Get my house in order...spring cleaning is overdue
~Get immersed in the new Bible study I started last night. It's called Faithful, Abundant, True and looks like another great study by my favorite teacher Beth Moore along with a couple of other teachers
~Exercise daily and lose some weight I put on over the holidays (and months preceding the holidays) My loss of 2.5 pounds last week at TOPS was a good start there!
~STAMP! My stamping goals are to maybe join a design team and submit some projects for publication. I also have several projects lined up which include one of those Cookie Sheet Calendars for myself!
~and last but not least I hope to BLOG regularly
That is all from me for now! Hope you've had a great start to an awesome week!


Anonymous said...

I am praying for you as you have an empty nest. Love the Cookie Sheet Calendars. Great idea.
I am glad that you will be blogging more and stamping more. I love to see what you have created and to hear about you and your family. Much love. Miss you.

Peggy said...

Enjoy this time alone together! As much as you can - I am sure I wouldn't like an empty nest either. I was going to ask when Katie was moving back, glad I read your blog first.
You have some great goals, many I share with you!
Love u friend!