Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Chickadee and the Tissue

Sounds like a good story title, huh?
Kevin bought me a cute little birdhouse for Christmas.
He hung it up for me shortly after.
Recently, we've been watching a pair of Chickadees go in and out.
They are the cutest little birds.
Kevin thought he'd do the little guys a favor by placing some tissues inside for their nest.
The next morning when we woke up there was a tissue hanging from one of the tree branches. Then I noticed the Chickadees working very hard at something. It soon became apparent that they were trying to get another tissue out. They would go inside and bring enough of the tissue to the hole so they could pull and pull to get it out. Kevin let them get it so far and then he went out and pulled it the rest of the way. He then threw the tissues away.

But, now we think just maybe the Chickadee wanted the tissue- just not inside the birdhouse. They still haven't started nesting inside.
On another note... does anyone have any ideas on how to hang my suet feeders so that the raccoon doesn't get it and eat the entire thing? I have to find the suet cage first I guess. He actually ran off with it this time. We had it hanging from a small outside branch where we didn't think he could get to it without breaking the branch. I haven't surveyed the actual damage. This is the 4th suet he has ate.... dirty little rascal.


To Visit My said...

your blog is good good good......

Megan said...

this had me giggling...makes you wondering just what was going through the chickadee's heads and that darn raccoon. they are sneaky little things. I wish I had words of advice for you regarding the raccoon but I don't they are smart little suckers.

jami {sgtStamper} said...

Those chickadees are sooo cute! I can't hang up feeders in my yard because the dogs think that the birds come to play with them, not eat! We had problems with racoons and squirrels in VA, I never did figure out how to keep them out!

annas adorables said...

Good pictures. Try getting one of those staff rods to hang the suet on, if you don't put it to close to a tree or anything that the coon can climb you should be okay. With that little rod, I don't think they can climb it, I know the squirels don't.