Sunday, March 29, 2009

Enjoying a Beautiful Day!

I have seriously been neglecting this blog.
I don't really have a good excuse except
Everyone knows how that goes.
We are all doing good. Brian is recovering well from his accident. He and Jared are both okay and we have a lot of reasons to be grateful.
And we are!
(BTW.. The insurance company is being very cooperative now.)
Let's see... what's been going on?
Last night we counted at least 8 deer in our backyard. We also saw a pretty good sized grey fox. Every morning recently our bird feeders have been pretty beat up and/or laying on the ground. Kevin finally saw the culprit- it was a raccoon. Yesterday it rained all day. But today it's beautiful outside. A little on the windy side, but it was a great day for a walk. After church, Kevin and I strolled through the neighborhood. Sadly, my camera died after just these few pictures.
We live off Kings Highway near Stateburg, South Carolina. There is a lot of history right here in our area. We've wanted to read these signs that are near the entrance to our little neighborhood and today we finally got the chance. I've got some more pictures and things to share. But, I better not do it all in one day!
Hope you're having a beautiful weekend wherever you are and whatever you're doing!
God Bless!!!


Megan said...

Love those pictures especially the road/tree ones, Great to walk on. I love the history of towns like that.

jami {sgtStamper} said...

Wow - what a gorgeous day - how wonderful you guys got to get out and walk and spend some time together! And what a cute picture of you two!!!

~Shade of my Heart~ said...

Angel, you are an awesome photographer! Those pictures are beautiful!!! What a picturesque (spelling???) neighborhood! How fun!!

Peggy said...

Looks beautiful there! Can't wait to visit in June:)