Friday, April 3, 2009

The Mourning Dove & The Picture Window

Kevin had a base event to go to last night and Katie and I decided to have a girl's night. We had just settled into watching a chick flick (Made of Honor) when we heard a large thump and looking out the back door saw feathers just a' flying!We both ran to the door and saw this poor little mourning dove just laying on the deck. He was breathing really hard and looked so scared. We went out to check on him and he moved onto his legs more, but he couldn't fly. We got him some food and water and Katie got onto the Internet to see what we could do. We thought at first that he had broken a wing.
I started calling veterinarian offices to see if they could help me and one of them gave me a number to a lady here in town. She was an older lady who used to be a Federal Bird Bander and she was so sweet. She told us to wrap him in a towel and place him in a box for the night and she was going to try and find a place to take him. But, when we went back out to get him, he was able to fly away.
I am so glad our story had a happy ending!
I do love the picture window as I am always taking pictures from inside the house and they turn out pretty good. But I think we're going to have to get some stickers or something to put on the window to stop the birds from trying to fly in! We've had only one fatality so far. We buried a little sparrow a couple of weeks ago. A funny was raining that day too.
Have a great weekend... thanks for visiting!


Megan said...

poor thing! That used to always happen at my mom's house but they were always ok, alittle shaken but ok. You were so good to figure out what you could have done for it. Am glad he was able to fly away.

Peggy said...

What a sweet story:)

How did you like Made of Honor? I really liked that movie:)