Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break

Katie and I had a great time on our Spring break trip.
I picked a few of my favorite pics to share with you.
We arrived on Saturday. It was only about a 7 hour drive, but it was a long trip for Katie after getting her wisdom teeth pulled on Friday.
Sunday was Easter and we went to Peg's church.

After church was the Easter egg hunt.
The twins were adorable!

Then everyone took a nap except for Zach and I. We took a walk on the path behind Peg's house. It's a very scenic walk and I introduced Zach to one of my favorite hobbies- bird watching!

Monday was Katie's birthday.

We went to dinner at "On the Border" and had a little bit of cake later.

I still can't believe she's 18!
I have more pics to share from the rest of the trip. I'll try and get those posted later!
Thank you, Peg, for letting us spend our spring break with your family!

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Megan said...

great pictures. and it looks/sounds like a good time was had by all.