Friday, April 17, 2009

No More Wisdom Teeth

Katie had her wisdom teeth pulled one week ago today. Here is a picture of her after we arrived home from the surgery. I think she was still a little loopy. She kept the ice on her face for the first two days and I think it really saved her from swelling up like a chipmunk. The thing on her head was like an open ended tube sock that held the ice packs on her cheeks and velcroed at the top. She has gauze in her mouth that had strings attached so we could easily pull them out.
Katie did so very well and recovered pretty quickly because she listened to all of the doctor's orders.
No more wisdom teeth, but she is still pretty smart!

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Megan said...

awh, that picture...poor girl..but so glad she listened and the healing all went well and quickly. I myself need to get mine just a few years ago...