Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Madness

Well, it's not really madness. It's just Monday. I started out my day with quite the to-do list- most of which was making calls. I have spent most of the day on the phone. I had to schedule and reschedule... you know those days. We had our phone switched to a new provider last week... they didn't get our phone number "ported" over, so we've had a temporary number now for the last week. Annoying. I've been trying to get that straightened out. I hope I didn't miss many calls. I still have the same cell if you need to reach me.
We got new furniture last week and it's wonderful. Except one of the recliners doesn't work. Had to set up an appointment to get that fixed. Here's a pic of the living room set.

The couch and loveseat both have built-in recliners. Kevin and I are really enjoying putting our feet up in the evenings to watch TV. In 24 years, we've never had a recliner. Now we have 5!
I had to reschedule a dentist appointment. Katie and I are taking a very short road trip. We are going to Georgia for a couple of days next week to visit some dear friends of ours there. I can't wait to see them.
Katie starts back to school next week. We're still looking for a car for her. She's getting pretty good at driving, but she says they make you parallel park to get your license here and she'll need to work on that.
I'm really getting my miles in.

Feels good. And I am drinking lots of water, keeping my calorie intake under 1400. I WILL get some weight off. (I hope.)
If you've read this, leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you!


Peggy said...

Beautiful furniture! Love it. That is the only draw back to VCF. It is not the stongest furniture that will last a lifetime. I broke my couch from "plopping" on it. BUT it is nice that they will come out and fix it. And their furniture is BEAUTIFUL and affordable.
You WILL lose weight!! And you should know not to always pay attention to a scale, but to inches and how your clothes fit. Muscle is heavy:)
Tell Katie that I have never met a woman who was an expert parallel parker, at least not at first. That was my main concern too, I can remember. I think the drivers teachers know that is the hard part and they let you try that part again if needed. I don't think that should even be a requirement in the test!

Miss you

Jonya said...

I visit every day. Wish you were is getting to a crazy point! Love the furniture and you will loose the weight!

Karla said...

Love the flooring! I so want hardwood and to get rid of the carpet, but Jerry says he has to have carpet...oh well. The furniture looks nice.
You're doing better that I am on the walking. I need to get motivated again. Keep up the good work!