Saturday, August 1, 2009

What's New....

Not much.
The summer is really flying by.
Katie will soon be starting college.
We are looking for a car for her.
It's the season for animals. I've been doing my bird watching. One of our favorite thing to do on the weekend is to try and spot a bird we've never seen before. We usually do. It's fun to watch the baby birdies at the feeder. The mommy or daddy bird stuffing food in their beaks while their wings are shaking. So cute. Here is a pic of a daddy cardinal feeding his baby. The juvenile cardinals do not have the orange beak yet.
We've seen lots of hummingbirds this season. They'll come up to the picture window and look in at eye level before going up to the feeder. Funny little birds. We did have 2 feeders for them, but one morning we work up and the one in the tree was missing. A hungry raccoon I assume. Kevin found one of the plastic pieces out in the woods near our yard. I doubt we'll replace that one.

We've also had lots of deer in the backyard and even some in the middle of the day. There are even babies with lots of spots. We put a coffee can of corn out every night. They are used to Kevin now and when he goes out to smoke they usually stay out there eating the corn.
We did go visit Peggy and family a couple of weeks ago... a last minute trip since Kevin was on leave and it was Peggy's birthday. It just made sense to go see them and take advantage of living within a day's drive. We were able to go to Busch Gardens thanks to the "Salute to Heroes" program. We got in FREE and had lots of fun. However, we rode the rides, got wet and then the sun went away and it started sprinkling. Go figure.
Our living room furniture is horribly uncomfortable and Kevin has gotten to the point of not being able to stand sitting on it to watch TV at night. It hurts his back so much. So, I think we are planning on looking for furniture this weekend.
Next weekend I'll have a booth at the community yard sale downtown. I hope to sell a lot of my unwanted craft supplies and stamps. Wish me luck.
Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy what's left of your summer. I hope to get back to blogging one of these days!
(Pictures being added as I have time.)

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