Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Quick Hello

Just poppin in to say hello.
Katie was in the kitchen this last weekend and Kevin and I were on the deck talking. She snapped a couple of pics of us. I thought I'd share one.We've got the cable/phone guy coming today. We're switching our phone service to the local cable company. I hope that solves the problems we are always having with the line. Half the time we'd pick up the phone, there would be no dial tone. It was so frustrating. Now we'll be saving money too. Gotta love that!
We found some new furniture at Value City that we liked. It's being delivered tomorrow, so I'll hopefully post some pics of it soon. Our current furniture was so uncomfortable.. especially for Kevin. I hope he'll be able to relax now when he gets home from work.
I've been walking like crazy. I started the WAlk at Home "Walk Club" for one month free. I also joined in on one of the monthly challenges and hope to walk 100 miles this month! Sixteen down 84 to go!

Have a great day!

1 comment:

Peggy said...

I LOVE that pic of you and Kevin! Make it your profile pic on FB:)
Most of our furniture came from Value City. You can't beat their prices!

Miss you!