Saturday, January 3, 2009

Long Time No Post = Long Post

Happy New Year everybody!
I've not posted in 11 days! I've tried to savor every minute of my kids visit! Sadly Jake, Megan and their sweet beagle Trixie left this morning. (Brian is still here for one more week.) We played lots of games, did lots of shopping, ate lots of food and truly enjoyed their visit! Megan taught Katie and I how to make a new craft. I can't show you just yet as I made one to send to a certain young man who reads my blog. It's pretty darn cool though!
Here are some pics of our visit to Swan Lake on Wednesday.

Jake made us his fabulous Stir-Fry for dinner one night.

It was SO delicious!

Trixie was such a treat.

I wasn't sure what to expect when Jake told me they were bringing their dog. But, she was so well-behaved.

Jake has taught her lots of tricks. She never barked unless Jake told her to "speak". She didn't have any accidents until the last night here. She had just went outside though so we think maybe she has a bladder infection. Coincidentally, so do I. *sigh*
We caught the puppy bug I think. We're looking at adopting one of our own. Probably when Katie goes off to college.
Kevin REALLY spoiled the puppy. I can see that he will be spoiling our grandkids rotten some day. Unfortunately, that day will not be as soon as we had thought. Sadly, we found out a couple of weeks before their visit that Megan had miscarried. She later found out that her pregnancy had been a rare "Partial Molar" pregnancy. Her health will have to be monitored closely over the next year and she will not be able to get pregnant again any time soon. That was a big shock and hit them a little hard I think. Us too. We had really gotten excited about the thought of being grandparents. It WILL happen, but in due time (God's timing). Your thoughts and prayers for Jake and Megan are greatly appreciated. They had Christmas and their trip here to help distract them temporarily.
Speaking of Christmas, we celebrated as soon as they arrived last Sunday afternoon.

I think everyone was delighted with their gifts. The aftermath was something else!

Most of the week the weather was just gorgeous. I hope the weather stays good for their trip home.
We miss them already.

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Peggy said...

I am so glad you had a great time visiting with your kiddies! Jake looks like a young hippy. LOL! Brian's glasses are a lot like mine. I was going to suggest you guys get a dog - I guess you were way ahead of me:) Everyone looks great! Love u