Friday, October 3, 2008

Garlic Rolls

I plan on going on a low carb diet next week. It's working SO well for my best friend that I have to try it. And so, last night I kept thinking about the awesome garlic rolls at our favorite local restaurant, Sambino's. I knew I wanted to have some of these before I go low carb. They are just so delicious! I didn't take a pic myself, but found this pic online that resembles the garlic rolls we love. Ours come in a small tin foil pan and the bottom of the pan is filled with delicious garlic butter. I usually order two pans and warm up the 2nd pan the next day. They are even better the next day! The best part is the price at under $2.00 for 6 good sized mouth-watering rolls! I may have to get more this weekend! I'm so bad.

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