Sunday, October 5, 2008


Have I shared my latest "hobby/interest"? It's birdwatching! Since moving to South Carolina, I have seen more different birds than I've ever seen before! We live out in a wooded area which probably helps. When we lived in Georgia we kept a suet in the tree and would get quite a few different birds to come take a nibble. Kevin replaced the suet often and he also filled the birdbath every day. So, when we moved here we bought another suet cage and put it up. The birds here don't seem to like it as much. Maybe they will when winter comes. We decided to buy a seed feeder. This feeder has a place for a suet on one side, one type of bird seed in the middle and another on the other side. It's like a bird restaurant and we love watching who's coming to dinner! I've been wanting to get some different bird books, but didn't want to pay for brand new ones. I did order a couple of books at In fact, I found my favorite bird book there.

I highly recommend this book. Although it isn't an extensive bird book, it lists the common birds in each area. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

Kevin had to work this weekend so Katie and I decided to track down some used book stores in Columbia. {There aren't ANY here in our little town.} So we plugged some addresses into Ginger and set off for Columbia. We found 3 of the 5 used book stores there and the last one was a BIG success! All of the books at Ed's Editions that were under $10 were 1/2 off! I found a large selection of bird books and whittled my stack down to these 8.

You may wonder why I got the Pennsylvania Birdlife book. Well, it was full of little treasures the last owner had stuck inside. Bird pictures and clippings from magazines and newspapers. It was so much fun to look through! Most were dated from the 1940s.
Katie also got the rest of her series of books she's been reading. We've gotten her a few of them by trading on a great place to swap used books!
We also found a Hobby Lobby in Columbia. It was wonderful to browse through a Hobby Lobby again. And so many things were 1/2 off. *sigh* I did well though and got out of the store without spending a lot of money. But I got some great little treasures there too! And yesterday was World Cardmaking Day and I plan on stamping today away since I was gone all day yesterday!
Have a fabulous weekend and watch for more bird pics. I've taken hundreds of bird pictures so I think I'll start posting one a week. Hopefully a different kind of bird each week. THAT might be a challenge. We'll see.
Bye for now!


Peggy said...

That is A LOT of bird books!! I haven't been seeing such the variety of birds:( I need to put something out there to attract more. Plus, I just don't get to "bird watch" much unless I am washing the dishes:)

cskidspraise said...

Hey. I have started bird watching more now that we live out in the country. We actually have places to put feeders. I have the book Field Guide to the Birds. Jason's dad had two copies and he gave me one. I love watching them.