Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I have SO much to be thankful for that it is hard to narrow it down to one thing. But yesterday we signed the final paperwork for the sale of our house and I KNOW without a doubt that we could not have done it without God's help! Yes, it cost us some money to sell it (a lot.) But, our wonderful realtor took a much smaller percentage than she had to. After the inspection, the buyers asked for only a few repairs. Despite all of the rain, we had a fence built in a matter of a few days. It all happened very quickly and went pretty smoothly.
We had wonderful friends there in Georgia who looked out for us and checked on the house.
We had a safe trip to Georgia and back too. It was a LONG day in the car (over 10 hours).
But I am thankful that


Denise said...

Praise God for working out everything for you sweetie.

Peggy said...

Oh I am THANKFUL for you! I am also happy for the new owners - what a beautiful home they now have:)

Megan said...

So glad that everything went smoothly and you are finally DONE! I am sure it is a great feeling of relief.