Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lovin' the birds!

Have I mentioned how enraptured I am by the birds here in South Carolina? I have spent countless hours watching them and photographing them.
Today was a great bird day. After quite a lot of rain the last day or two, the birds are all out and about.

Kevin was looking over the propane tank out back and found a nest complete with egg. I have a feeling it belongs to a couple of Carolina Wrens who've been quite active in that vicinity today.
I followed this little crooner and took a few pics of him singing his heart out going in and out of a thicket of branches out back.

It's funny how the bird books will describe their activity down to the details including how they pick mailboxes, coat pockets and weird places to nest. A propane tank, perhaps?
As I was following the birds around the back yard, Kevin went and got the mail. How perfect was it that this sweet little baby bib arrived in my mailbox?

Yes, I'm a bawl baby and burst into tears as soon as I saw it! My friend Shelley is so incredibly thoughtful and I miss her SO much. And the timing on this little gift could not have been better! I just love it!!
I just had to share! Have a delightful weekend!

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Peggy said...

PRECIOUS! So cute.