Friday, October 3, 2008

My Husband Rocks!

My Husband Rocks!He ABSOLUTELY does!
One of my favorite things about Kevin is how much he loves kids!
If there is a baby or little one around, he will be holding or playing with them for sure. And this trait has rubbed off on two of our kids.
Jake and Katie adore children as well and are so good with kids! Jake works with kids as the director of a youth center and Katie wants to be a teacher.

(We often babysit his co-worker's kids.)

I could post many more pictures of Kevin with little ones.

(Kevin with our twin godbabies.)

He is an awesome father. I know he'll be a super grandpa some day too!


Zach said...

Cute pic with Brandon and Faith

Peggy said...

So sweet! I love how your hubby AND kids love babies/kids too! That is a WONDERFUL characteristic!