Monday, October 13, 2008

A Visit to Swan Lake

Swan Lake is a beautiful park right in the heart of Sumter.
(Click on the name for more info!) We went once before when we first arrived here. Katie has been asking to go again ever since. So, yesterday after church we decided it was a beautiful day for a stroll with the geese, ducks and swans! We came home and picked up an old package of hamburger buns, then went to the park. We spent a couple of hours there although it didn't seem that long!

I never did get a good picture of him, but this Anhinga was fascinating to watch. While Kevin was feeding the ducks and geese in the water, the fish were gathering as well. The Anhinga took the opportunity to go fishing. He swam mostly submerged towards the fish, and then speared one, tossed it up in the air and swallowed him.

Another favorite was the Wood Duck. They look as if they're painted so perfectly. I wonder what God was thinking when he made this one so different from the others!

We were surrounded with geese as soon as we walked in the park with our bag of buns. I quickly handed off the buns to Kevin. Check out this swan. He's so tall! And not afraid to beg for a piece if bread.
They followed us for a bit.

Here are some of the pics from our outing!

Kevin's home for the day, so my menu will have to wait for tomorrow!
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Peggy said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Your new camera is so awesome. I didn't do my menu either and I'm not gonna! LOL How is your diet going? I am going to go back to the 1st 2 weeks too - WITH exercise in the mix.